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Calendar of events

2/17/07 – Charette Taskforce Meeting (9:30-12:00) at the offices of Dix.Lathrop

2/24/07Charette Programming Meeting (9:30-1:30) in the Cypress room of the Downtown Orange County Library. Lunch will be provided. Due to the 36 person capacity this meeting is open to table leaders and charette taskforce members only. Parking is the responsibility of attendees.

3/17/07 – Charette Taskforce Meeting (9:30-12:00) location: TBA

4/15/07 – Charette Taskforce Meeting (9:30-12:00) location: TBA

4/28/07 – The Charette (8:00-5:00 will be a full day w/ a lunch break) at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Salon 7/8. Food will be provided provided. CEC’s may be offered, cocktail reception on patio afterwards (weather permitting). Please RSVP before April 14, to charette@flasla.org, space is limited.

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What do you want to charette?

Okay, the charette being organized is not your typical charette.  First, it will not address a specific site.  Instead the end result will be a pattern-book with elements that can be combined to implement green principles while developing the regional plan.  Second, the charette participants will all be uniquely aware of the issues at hand as we will all be either Landscape Architects or ASLA members and possibly a few other allied professionals with substantial knowledge in key categories.  Now the table leaders that are going to lead all of these professionals at the charette are meeting at the Charette Programing Meeting to develop a problem statement for the charette, among other things.  Our question to you is, “What do you want to charette?”  We open the floor to you now to glean insight from participants who might not be at the charette programming meeting, but, who’s voices are just as important as those who are.  Hopefully this post will create a thread that is full of thoughtful and thought provoking ideas.  Please comment below and let your ideas be heard.  Remember this charette is ours.  We are creating an ASLA branded publication that we want every member to be able to claim and be proud of, so throw out new ideas, rehash old ones and lets really create an innovative atmosphere for creativity to occur!


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Pre-Charette Programming Meeting

The Florida Chapter ASLA has been asked by

myregion.org and their “How Shall We Grow?” initiative to help create

new language, new governance and visuals

to serve as patterns to develop the regional plan.

To coincide with

National Landscape Architecture Month

We will hold a charette for:

A Regional Pattern Book

April 28, 2007

Landscape Architects and ASLA members will work

together at this charette,

which will result in

A Regional Pattern Book

based on ideas of

Smart, Sustainable Growth.

We need several dedicated people

with great motivational and organizational skills

as Table Leaders for the charette!

Those willing to volunteer for this position

will need to attend a

Pre-Charette Programming Meeting

Feb. 24, 2007- 9:30 am -1:30 pm

Cypress Room of the Downtown Orange County Library

If you are interested please RSVP or send questions to


before Feb. 17, 2007

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Here’s an idea of what we are all about

Click on the image below for a brief synopsis about the charette we are planning for Landscape Architecture Month (April) 2007

!Charette description

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Welcome to the web log (”Blog”) of FLASLA’s Committee on a Sustainable Environment MyRegion.org Charette Taskforce. This is where we will post items of interest and discussion topics pertaining to the FLASLA’s (Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects) Committee on a Sustainable Environment.

Here are a few links to get you started:
American Society of Landscape Architects Website
Florida Capter ASLA Website
myregion.org website

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