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Calendar of events

2/17/07 – Charette Taskforce Meeting (9:30-12:00) at the offices of Dix.Lathrop

2/24/07Charette Programming Meeting (9:30-1:30) in the Cypress room of the Downtown Orange County Library. Lunch will be provided. Due to the 36 person capacity this meeting is open to table leaders and charette taskforce members only. Parking is the responsibility of attendees.

3/17/07 – Charette Taskforce Meeting (9:30-12:00) location: TBA

4/15/07 – Charette Taskforce Meeting (9:30-12:00) location: TBA

4/28/07 – The Charette (8:00-5:00 will be a full day w/ a lunch break) at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Salon 7/8. Food will be provided provided. CEC’s may be offered, cocktail reception on patio afterwards (weather permitting). Please RSVP before April 14, to, space is limited.


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Pre-Charette Programming Meeting

The Florida Chapter ASLA has been asked by and their “How Shall We Grow?” initiative to help create

new language, new governance and visuals

to serve as patterns to develop the regional plan.

To coincide with

National Landscape Architecture Month

We will hold a charette for:

A Regional Pattern Book

April 28, 2007

Landscape Architects and ASLA members will work

together at this charette,

which will result in

A Regional Pattern Book

based on ideas of

Smart, Sustainable Growth.

We need several dedicated people

with great motivational and organizational skills

as Table Leaders for the charette!

Those willing to volunteer for this position

will need to attend a

Pre-Charette Programming Meeting

Feb. 24, 2007- 9:30 am -1:30 pm

Cypress Room of the Downtown Orange County Library

If you are interested please RSVP or send questions to

before Feb. 17, 2007

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