This page offers some publications, principles and other ideas that are useful to understand in order to participate in the meaningful dialogue we hope to create at during the Charette.

The links below provide information that the Charette Taskforce has identified as very important and is highly recomended reading material for charette participants:

This charette and the resulting pattern-book are being performed in response to requests by folks from and the regional visioning they are doing as part of How Shall We Grow? You should have a firm understanding of the growth scenarios being suggested and the research they have conducted in order to come to those scenarios. If you have not participated in the information sessions or watched the WMFE in depth specials and have not been introduced to the research, please take some time to look over the publications provided here: Research and Publications

The information gathered from the charette will be pulled together by the Charette Taskforce Production Team to produce an ASLA branded publication. All participants should review the ASLA Public Policies if they are not already familiar with them.

There will likely be a few more links added to this page after the table leaders meet at the programming meeting on February 24th. Please come back for an updated list after that time.

Now here a several links that you may follow to continue learning about what sort of ideas we would like to incorporate into our pattern-book charette and publication:

Further knowledge of sustainable principles is encouraged, here are just a few links that convey ideas and principles central to sustainability:

Definitions of sustainability, natural capitol and the ASLA’s Environmental Code of Ethics

Ahwahnee Principles

Low Impact Development

Florida Plant Communities

Here are Audubon International’s Principles for Sustainable Resource Management. Yet another example of the ideals we are trying to incorporate into our charette and pattern-book.

Some other topics of interest would include CNU’s Charter for the New Urbanism and the Urban Transect, Smart Growth Principles, decentralized and renewable energy sources, phytoremediation and other regenerative technologies.  Also a familiarization with other successful pattern-books such as the Mississippi Renewal Forum Summary Report and Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language”.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and suggest any websites, books, articles or other reference material(s) that you think would be useful for discussion.


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